NPA in a nutshell

The Nordic Press Association (NPA) is a cooperation amongst young Nordic media makers organisations in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

The association was founded in 2016 to promote the future of young Nordic media makers. We noticed that there are many young media makers who haven’t met anyone from another Nordic country.

Since all our countries share the same values and the same Nordic culture, we thought it’s high time to have Nordic cooperation also for the under 30 year old media makers.

Before the NPA there was little to no opportunities for young media makers from the region to come together for networking, skills-training, do co-productions with their Nordic peers or publishing their stories and get visibility for their work.

The NPA’s main activity is the Nordic Youth Media Days.  Arranged annually, they gather around 50 young Nordic media makers to one Nordic city for skills-training, networking and learning.

Our mission and goal is to give young Nordic media makers better circumstances to gain the experience they need. In this spirit, we want to enhance the skills of young media makers by hosting seminars and workshops in the Nordic countries. We also believe that cross-border friendships and networks are one tool in creating better media content.

This is why the NPA came to be – and it is what makes it special.