Our mission and vision

Nordic Press Association exists to create gathering spaces for exchanging experiences and lift new perspectives. We want to empower young media makers from different backgrounds across the Nordics. 

Our main goals are: 

  • Break stereotypes – It is our plan to break the stereotypes that exist between the Nordic countries and increase cooperation and understanding between the Nordic people.
  • To create a common understanding of journalistic methods – It is our hope that we can build a perception of respectful journalistic methods for young media makers.
  • Provide young journalists with skills they cannot get anywhere else, such as at their studies or working life. The Nordic Press Association believes in looking forward and focusing on talking about the journalism tomorrow: what it should be like and what it should become – not just its current state.
  • Create a network of young media makers across the Nordic countries – No one else is going to do this for us, unless we take the task up ourselves! Networks provide knowledge and contacts. We live close to each other, our nations cooperate on many levels, and therefore we need to also know more about each other. Beyond that professional networks help us to become better-informed media makers and to collaborate on stories across borders.
  • We want to enhance the debate in Nordic societies by giving young Nordic journalists tools for highlighting important societal, cultural and political issues in their  societies and activating audiences to pay attention to the developments in their home country.

Ethics is essential for journalistic work. The Nordic countries occupy the top places in the World Press Freedom Index. One part of the ranking comes from the laws and the society in general but journalistic ethics are also an essential part of the process.

The Nordic Press Association bases its ethical values on:
  • Accuracy: journalistic reporting needs to be truthful, balanced and fact-checked.
  • Equal opportunities: young people, among all other under represented groups in society, need to get their voice heard and have an equal right to be visible and active in society.
  • Respect for human rights, as mentioned in the European Charta for Human Rights;
  • Democracy: our ideal is a society in which everyone feels compelled to participate in democratic processes.
The Nordic Press Association moves towards these goals by:
  • Arranging a seminar, Nordic Youth Media Days, at least once a year.
  • For the Nordic Youth Media Days we choose themes that comply with our ethics, mission and vision.
  • Through the Nordic Youth Media Days we create a Nordic platform and a network of young Nordic journalists, and encourage our seminar participants continue to exchange ideas and make co-productions also after the seminar.
  • Through the Nordic Youth Media Days and our social media presence, we aim at increasing Nordics’ understanding of each other.
  • The Nordic Press Association also looks cooperation with other organisations at the local and international level, unions in every Nordic country, journalism schools and individual journalists, who are interested in Nordic cooperation in the field of journalism.