Freedom under pressure – Oslo seminar

How can young media makers address struggles for freedom of expression and human rights?

Young conscious media makers are crucial for today’s Nordic societies. In our current era of rapidly intensified racism and xenophobia, we must work to protect civil rights and liberties for all. Nordic countries are placed at the top of human rights indexes every year. But we spend little time actually reflecting on our state of human rights implementation. Together we are going to explore this and create new and innovative media productions.

In April 2017 the Nordic Press Association (NPA) is hosting a seminar for young Nordic media makers in Oslo. This seminar aims to bring together young media makers from the Nordic countries, to investigate and dig deeper into human rights and freedom of speech.

Where? Oslo, Norway
When? 25th – 30th of April
Deadline to apply: 13th of Feburary
Language of the seminar and working groups: English
How many will get accepted A maximum of 10 people from each country

Work and expected results

Media production will be the main part of the seminar. Participants from Nordic countries will be split into groups of three, ideally with three very different approaches to journalism.

During our five-day seminar, we aim to get an understanding of issues regarding freedom of expression and human rights in the Nordic countries – always from a young and new perspective.


During the seminar, a number of editors will be supervising the work in the production teams. The editors themselves are young media makers with different backgrounds and vast experience in their field. The participants will be able to constantly communicate with the editors and get guidance and instructions.


We encourage all young 18 to 30 year old Nordic media makers to apply for the seminar, especially from different minorities. In the application form, participants will be asked to pitch a story that they want to produce during the seminar. A committee will choose the participants from the following criteria, the first being the most important:

  • – Quality and the potential of the applicant’s pitch for a story
  • – Previous media, education and/or work experience
  • – How well the specific skill set of an applicant can be incorporated into a group of three


Applicants will be notified about the decision as soon as the editorial group has read all of the applications and chosen the participants for the seminar. When preparing for the seminar, participants will be required to do some work on the story they are going to produce during the seminar. This will include the production of some photo/video material, research material or graphic material.


Draft programme

April 25th

– Arrivals to Oslo


April 26th

– Introduction to seminar and theme

– Lecture/workshop: Human Rights

– Division into reporting groups – developing reporting ideas


April 27th

– Workshop: Online research and digital visualisation with Ståle de Lange Kofoed from The Norwegian Institute of Journalism

– Production in reporting groups

– Lecture: Propaganda related to journalistic work with journalist Jessikka Aro


April 28th

– Study visit to Norwegian public broadcaster NRK

– Production in reporting groups


April 29th

– Work in reporting groups – finalizing outcomes

– Presentations


April 30th

– Departure from Oslo


Accommodation, lodging and travel

For all participants at the seminar, accommodation with three meals a day and lodging in Oslo will be fully covered by NPA funds. Furthermore, all travel costs up to a total sum of 160 EURO will be reimbursed to participants shortly after the seminar has ended. It’s important that you keep all of your receipts – otherwise we can’t reimburse you.

Please note that participating in the whole seminar programme is compulsory and that you will receive a reimbursement of your travels upon completion of all parts of the seminar.


Deadlines and pre-work

The application deadline is on the 13th of February 2017. Participants will be announced shortly after the deadline has expired. All participants will be contacted by an editor of the seminar, and will be asked to prepare some work to bring to Oslo.



The seminar is founded by Nordbuk Foundation, Erasmus+, Fritt Ord and Norsk Journalistlag.
If you have inquiries regarding anything related to the seminar, feel free to get in contact with your country’s project manager:

Trude Furuly
president of Norsk Journalistlag Student
+47 45416528


Sandra Rönnsved
president of Ung Media Sverige
+46 733777766


Mikael Rasch
international coordinator of Ungdomsproduktion
+45 26277435


Anna Takala
contact person of Nuoret Journalistit
+35 8405437741


NPA is an association between the youth media organisations in the Nordic countries. We have already organised one similar seminar in Copenhagen in September 2016. We aim to promote the young Nordic media makers, facilitate Nordic cooperation and organise training in the form of seminars.

The seminar is funded by Nordbuk foundation.