FEBRUARY 20–25th 2018,

Media makers are gatekeepers in societies. They can address important failures in the government, be critical of the leaders and investigate wrong-doings. And – what is often forgotten – journalists can encourage citizens to actively participate and make a difference for topics that matter to them.

Nordic Press Association’s third seminar Nordic Youth Media Days: Activate Journalism will answer the question: how can especially young media makers empower citizens to be active so that they get inspired to make a change in their own societies? During the seminar, participants will produce short mobile journalism pieces and get hands-on experience on mobile reporting.

As the final result of the seminar, a handbook of best practises on how to encourage active citizenship as a young media maker, is put together for free distribution online.

Seminar in a nutshell
Nordic Youth Media Days: Activate Journalism aims at bringing together young media makers from the Nordic countries to learn skills in mobile journalism, produce mobile journalism pieces in international groups and to learn new ways of activating audiences to take a stance.
Where? Helsinki, Finland
When? 20th to 25th of February 2018

Deadline to apply: 5th of November.
Language of the seminar and working groups: English

Who can apply?
We encourage all media makers aged 18 to 30 years to apply for the seminar. The applicant must hold permanent residence in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland. A maximum of 10 people from each country (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland) will be selected.

Young media makers who identify themselves as part of a minority or underrepresented group are especially encouraged to apply.  We are looking to include media makers with different backgrounds and from a variety of fields in journalism.

How to apply?
In order to apply, please fill in this application form by November 5th, 2017 at 23:59 CET. Late applications as well as e-mail submissions will not be considered. All applicants will be informed about the selection results.

In the application form, participants will be asked to pitch a story that they want to produce during the seminar. A committee will choose the participants from the following criteria, the first being the most important:

– Quality and the potential of the applicant’s pitch for a story
– Previous media experience and education background
– Interest in mobile journalism and impacting audiences
– Interest in Nordic cooperation

Applicants will be notified about the decision as soon as the committee has read all of the applications and chosen the participants for the seminar. Each application will be reviewed by at least two reviewers.

When preparing for the seminar, participants will be divided into small working groups in which they should decide on the topic they want to produce a story on during the seminar.

The production will be a mobile journalism piece/pieces that has to be published in social media during the seminar. Each group is guided by an editor who helps the group during the process.

Work and expected results
Mobile journalism production will be the main part of the seminar. Participants from Nordic countries will be split into groups of approximately three.

During the seminar the participants will learn the basic skills of making journalism only with their own phones and get many insights about journalism’s role in encouraging active citizenship.

All participants will be contacted by an editor of the seminar, and participants should be prepared to attend one or two Skype-calls with their production group before the seminar. The theme of their mobile journalism production has to be decided before the seminar begins. Participants should be prepared to attend a small pre-assignment related to mobile journalism before the seminar.

Accommodation, meals and travel
For all participants, accommodation with breakfast and at least one other meal will be fully covered by the Nordic Press Association. Furthermore, travel costs at least up to 100 EURO to and from Helsinki will be reimbursed to participants shortly after the seminar has ended.

Please note that participating in the whole seminar programme is compulsory and that you will receive a reimbursement of your travels upon completion of all parts of the seminar.

Selected participants will be asked to confirm their participation by mid-December. The confirmation is binding.

The seminar is funded by Nordbuk Programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers and Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.

If you have any questions, please be in touch with your contact person in your own country:


Saga Mannila

Oda Viken
+47 90919319

Sandra Rönnsved
+46 733777766

Emil Winckler,,


Preliminary program

Tuesday 20.02.2018
– Arrivals

Wednesday 21.02.2018
– Introduction to the seminar program and the organising institutions
– Teambuilding
– Introduction to the seminar theme: Jussi Pullinen, visiting –
Journalism professor at the University of Tampere
– Introduction to mobile journalism – Robb Montgomery
– Starting group work – session in smaller working groups lead by peer editor

Thursday 22.02.2018
– Workshop on mobile journalism – with Robb Montgomery
– Group work
– Discussion: Insights about socio-political journalism and journalism as the fourth estate. How can we spark more public debates? Speakers represent a range of media professionals

Friday 23.02.2018
– Production of small videos using mobile reporting
– Workshop or study visit

Saturday 24.02.2018
– Advocacy clinic and group work: possibility to get professional feedback of the group work
– Final feedback & wrapping up the seminar
– Farewell party

Sunday 25.02.2018
– Departures

Robb Montgomery will be with us the whole week teaching mobile journalism. You’ll have time for lunch every day and every evening contains also a dinner and a get-together.


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