FEBRUARY 20–25th 2018,

Media makers are gatekeepers in societies. They can address important failures in the government, be critical of the leaders and investigate wrong-doings. And – what is often forgotten – journalists can encourage citizens to actively participate and make a difference for topics that matter to them.

Nordic Press Association’s third seminar Nordic Youth Media Days: Activate Journalism will answer the question: how can especially young media makers empower citizens to be active so that they get inspired to make a change in their own societies? During the seminar, participants produced short mobile journalism pieces and got hands-on experience on mobile reporting.

Journalist’s Mobile Handbook for the 21st Century
As the final result of the seminar, a handbook of best practises on how to encourage active citizenship as a young media maker, was made. The handbook summaries the two themes of Helsinki seminar: sparking debate in the 21st century and reporting with mobile videos. This is an essential handbook for a modern journalist who wants to work effectively in the digital era, with a personal, inspiring touch.

Download Journalist’s Mobile Handbook for the 21st Century here.

The seminar is funded by Nordbuk Programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers and Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.


Tuesday 20.02.2018
– Arrivals

Wednesday 21.02.2018
– Introduction to the seminar program and the organising institutions
– Teambuilding
– Introduction to the seminar theme: Jussi Pullinen, visiting –
Journalism professor at the University of Tampere
– Introduction to mobile journalism – Robb Montgomery
– Starting group work – session in smaller working groups lead by peer editor

Thursday 22.02.2018
– Workshop on mobile journalism – with Robb Montgomery
– Group work
– Discussion: Insights about socio-political journalism and journalism as the fourth estate. How can we spark more public debates? Speakers represent a range of media professionals

Friday 23.02.2018
– Production of small videos using mobile reporting
– Workshop or study visit

Saturday 24.02.2018
– Advocacy clinic and group work: possibility to get professional feedback of the group work
– Final feedback & wrapping up the seminar
– Farewell party

Sunday 25.02.2018
– Departures

Robb Montgomery will be with us the whole week teaching mobile journalism. You’ll have time for lunch every day and every evening contains also a dinner and a get-together.


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